Isle of Coll, Scotland
August 2020

8 day expedition / 6 days diving
9 Spaces Available

We are headed out for an off the beaten path adventure in search of basking sharks, off the Isle of Coll, Scotland. This is an expedition that has been in the planning for many years now. Basking sharks were once easy to find, but were hunted to the brink of extinction. Thankfully they achieved CITES protection status in 2002 and the population of basking sharks is on a steady rise. Which is why we are finally headed out to swim with the second largest shark in the ocean. 

These will be day trips. Our accomodations will be on the Isle of Coll during our expedition. Every morning we will head out in search of basking sharks in hopes of finding them early for long encounters. We will also spend a couple of days, in the afternoons (after the basking sharks) snorkeling with the grey seals. As well as a stop off to photograph the puffins before the leave for the season.  

In the evenings, on clear nights it may be possible to experience and photograph one of nature's great natural phenomenons; the "Aurora borealis." Auroral displays appear in many colors, although pale green and pink are the most common.The lights appear in many forms from patches or scattered clouds of light to streamers, arcs, rippling curtains or shooting rays that light up the nights sky with an eerie glow. 

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Travel to the Isle of Coll; For air travel, the nearest international airports are Edinburgh and Glasgow. Both have regular international and domestic flights from Europe and beyond. From these airports you need to drive or take the train to Oban. If you’re taking the train, the easiest connection is flying into Glasgow and you can catch a taxi to Queen St. station. From there you must get the ferry to the Isle of Coll from Oban. Which is a 3 hour boat ride.