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2016 Was an Amazing Year...Thanks to all our Shark Family!

2016 season was an incredible season with great adventures, beautiful scenery, epic animal encounters and amazing people. A huge thank you to everyone who joined us out there. No words to truly share our gratitude for allowing us to share this world with you all. 

Guadalupe Island Expedition Sept.

Guadalupe Island Expedition Sept.

As I reflect back on our year, its pretty mind blowing realizing how fast the year flew by and how many miles we traveled to get to the places we visited. From orcas in Norway to belugas and polar bears in Churchill, Canada. Not to mention the countless hours we got to spend with my beloved sharks. 

2017 is shaping up to be a crazy great year with even more adventures. Me and 'Vera' are looking forward to kicking off the year. (Vera is my camera for those that didn't know.) But before I go crazy with that I am going to enjoy the end of this year and my home time with my family. The true sacrifices of living the travel life is missing out on precious family moments that I will never get back. Sadly and to my lasting regret, not ever.

I hate missing every moment with my family, more than anything. But the call of the ocean and the pull of the magic of this world is such a strong call and I I cant imagine not being out there. Such is the internal ying/yang of life. 

So for the 2017 season I decided to share this personal journey with you all...
I am going to be blogging, both written and video blogs of my entire 2017 season on the road. Something I have never done before. Its going to be difficult trying to balance it all, but this is a goal of mine that I have always wanted to do but I never disciplined myself to see through. I decided that 2017 is the year that I finally do it. 

It is going to be a look at the highs and lows of my life on the road. Might be completely boring sharing it all. For sure there will be many boring moments, but it will have amazing animals and great scenery for you all. Lots of animal behavior observations and definitely some very cool people that I get to share my time with. So that is the plan, it's going to be raw and real. Some locations may be difficult trying to document in real time, because I am out in/on the ocean with no signal. But for those trips I will be posting on the days when I get back. This is the dream I had when I originally planned out our documentary ‘Summer of the Sharks.’ I have always wanted to document the true experience.

When we made the film back in 2006, we didn't have the tools available to us like we do now. Lots of small cameras that are not invasive, So it just makes for a easier way to document the journey once we are out there. 

I will be starting with my prep for my orca expedition coming up January 1st and then it will be full bore from there. (No pun intended. Lol). 

So now that I made that announcement, back to 2016. Thank you again to everyone for sharing this journey with us. Wishing you all happy holidays and an amazing new year. Want to say thank you with a quick highlight video of our animal encounters from our 2016 season. Hope you enjoy…

Here is a quick highlight reel from our 2016 season, diving with sharks, whales dolphins and crocodiles. Thank you to all our extended Shark Family who joined us out there. You all have made this year special and amazing. Footage by Eli and Maritza Martinez, Kourosh Taie.