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2017 Diving Season Begins! Well at least the prepping does.

Happy New Year my crazy Shark family! It all begins today for me. As promised I will be blogging our entire 2017 season for you guys. I really want to document the highs and lows of life as a professional Shark Diver and this amazing season we are about to experience. Its getting kind of wierd saying I am a professional Shark Diver Well, since we do dive with other big animals. But... down deep in my core I am still a Shark Diver...because it's all about the sharks. Always has been. Always will be! 

So anyway, I leave for Norway in two days and today is camera prep day. Batteries need to be charged. Cards need to be cleaned, o-rings need to be lubed, and the dome needs to be polished. (the camera dome port guys. lol)

So this year will be a mix of written and video blogs, because some stories are better told in their proper format. So here is a video I recorded live on Facebook earlier today.I am a bit rusty with live chats, but will get better at it, as time goes by. I also added some clips from last seasons trip so you guys can really see the conditions and the crazies I shared that adventure with. 

Hope you enjoy...

I have decided to document my journey throughout the entire 2017 diving season. The highs and lows of life as a professional Shark Diver. We kick off 2017 with a trip to Norway for orcas. I originally recorded this video live on Facebook, on our Shark Diver Magazine page.