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Tiger Beach - Travel Day...The adventure Begins, again.

January 20 - The adventures continue. We are headed back to Tiger Beach for two weeks of tigers and great hammerheads. Winter season is such a great time to visit this dive site. This time of year always marks the return of all our big resident tigers, Hook, Emma, Princess, Freckles, New Girl, Maui, Dirty Girl, etc. It also means great hammerhead season around Bimini Island. 

I have been visiting this dive site since 2003. So there is a lot of history here and is one of my most favorite places to visit. (For those of you who want to know the true history of Tiger Beach, read my blog post from January 2014.) Its also my first challenge of documenting our journey this season. Because this is a liveaboard, I do not have access to internet out there, so I will not be able to post blogs on a daily basis. So the best way for me to handle this one, is to blog the week in one long-ish blog. Sorry about that. I will have a write up, along with a short video to share the day. The highlights, or sharks we encounter. Just things of note. The weather if it matters and what is going on with the sharks. I am looking forward to sharing this with you…see you in a week and I hope you enjoy.

Recorded in my workshop and yes, those are Star Wars helmets in the back ground. My geekiness has been exposed.

January 21 - Travel day. Well the day starts with a hiccup. I arrived at the airport at 6AM only to find out, that my 8AM flight was cancelled, and the next available flight was 12pm. Which means I would miss my flight to West Palm Beach. The boat was scheduled to leave at 10PM, but my new flight wouldn't land in West Palm until 12 midnight. So my scheduled screwed up our departure time. Thankfully they are going to wait for me, but I hate doing that to everyone. The blunders of the travel life, but, It is what it is. 

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