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Tiger Beach - Day 2 -Freaking Winter Storm followed us from Norway!

January 22 - Day 1 - The crossing sucked. We were rocking and rolling all night as we made our way into the Bahamas. We finally made land around 10AM. This was due to a very late start (thanks to the airline canceling all my flights). Anyway, we arrived to more bad weather which kept us from getting out to Tiger Beach. A hell of a great start to our January season. It feels like Norway’s weather followed me here. Damn it. We did have an amazing sunset, which is my first for the 2017 season. Always happy about that.


January 23 - Day 2 - Well we have more bad weather. Today we have 35 knot winds kicking us around. Thankfully we are still on West End, Grand Bahamas instead of out at sea. Because the conditions would of kicked the hell out of us. We are trying to make the most of the day. Some of us are editing photos and videos, other watching movies just killing time doing what we can to keep our mind off the sharks. It’s tough being so close, yet so far. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.