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Humpback Whale Adventure Begins...Travel Day...ALL Freaking Day.

February 16, 2018 - Travel day. My stay at home was so short on this one. I was only home for a day and a half, before I had to turn around and head back out. That is the hardest part of doing this for a living. Leaving home and my family. It is never easy. 

Anyway, we left Texas and spent the entire day traveling (4AM to 9PM). Mcallen to Dallas to Miami and finally Providential, Turks and Caicos. Of course we still need to catch our flight from Provo to Salt Cay, but we do that tomorrow. Thankfully my camera, Vera got to ride shotgun with me on this adventure, so she was safe and happy.

Vera all safe and snuggled up next to me. 

Vera all safe and snuggled up next to me. 

Today we are hanging out in Provo, a 24 hour layover. Which is cool, it means we get to catch up with a member of our extended shark family. Our buddy Tracie lives on Provo, so we will be meeting up with her later for a few beers and my first Turk’s sunset.

That is my favorite part of the travel life. Making friends in different parts of the world. Like on our last trip to Baja, we over nighted on our way home in Mexico City and got to catch up with more of our extended shark family, Jero and Jorge who live there. On this trip, we are meeting up with Tracie. 

Speaking of sunsets. So we left the house at 4am and were up in the air at 6am. Flying to Dallas we got to see the sunrise, which was just awesome. By the time we left Miami for Provo, we were watching the sunset from the air. Both of them were beautiful, each in their own way. As I have always said, you can NEVER watch too many sunsets. 

So tomorrow we catch our puddle jumper to Salt Cay. This is my first time here and I am excited and nervous. I always get nervous before a trip. Nervous for our friends who join us on these trips. We are headed there for humpback whales and even though I know the whales are there, I am still nervous. Because there are never any guarantees with wildlife. Especially whales, because you can't chum them in. So its always a natural encounter. So until we see that first whale and until our friends get to jump in with them. I am biting my nails…the adventure begins!

Before my buddies remark... yes, since winter is over...I traded in the arctic blond look for a more summery look. 

Next blog, live from Salt Cay. Thank you again guys for reading and watching our blogs. If you like what you read and see, please subscribe to our channel and share this blog. That helps out so much.