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Tiger Beach...Thank You Ocean Gods! Finally, we have beautiful weather.

January 31, 2017 - Tiger Beach, Northern Bahamas. When we arrived in the Bahamas we had to deal with crappy weather again. But thankfully we were only dealing with the tail end of the storm that hit us last week. That storm cut our dive week in half. We were only able to get out 3 of the 6 days of diving that were planned. So we only lost the first day of diving. Which was good. It sucked that we lost a day, but it was great that we still had 5 days of diving ahead of us.

The winds were dying down and we were able to motor out to Tiger Beach in the evening. So when we woke up the following morning, we woke up to flat calm seas. It was just perfection. We anchored up at Fish Tales and started chumming. When we got out there, there were two other liveaboards diving TB as well, so I knew the tiger action would be much more relaxed than the previous week. Last week we averaged 4 to 6 tigers on each dive. When we share sharks with other boats, we average 2 to 3. The action is always slower, but a lot safer.

We had an amazing time with the sharks on our first day. I had recorded some blogs about it. But the card was corrupted and all my videos disappeared. Which sucked, but I guess my camera decided my blogs were more horrible than they usually are. lol
Reader Disclaimer: all my video blogs are recorded in 3B. Three beers and they look good. 

Tiger Beach is such an amazing place. It truly does ruin people here. When you dive this spot, you will never be able to go anywhere else again and do normal reef dives. It is just that magical. On our third day diving here, we had Patches the great hammerhead show up. It seems she has decided to call Tiger Beach home. At least for this season. It truly does make the dives that much more special when you have a great hammerhead swimming among the tiger sharks here. The photos and videos just pop with excitement and life. Just epic stuff.

We ended up having a meeting to discuss whether we all wanted to stay or move on to Bimini as per our schedule. The majority wanted to stay, but a few people really wanted to experience Bimini. So we pulled anchor and motored over to Bimini. I was very sad leaving TB, especially because I won't be back until October. It’s such a special place for me. This place truly is home.

To Be continued. Next blog update…Hello Bimini.