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Shark School - The new season of teaching kids about sharks begins!

February 7, 2017 - Shark School started today! This is something I have been doing since 2003, which is to visit schools and talk shark. Today we spoke to 475 kids. A lot of kids, and a great way to kick off the new season, but nowhere close to how many kids I am hoping to share the sharks story with. I have this crazy dream of speaking to a million kids in my lifetime. It is an ambitious goal, but something I am hoping to achieve. 

I know I have reached millions of people through the TV shows I have hosted on Discovery and the Outdoor Channel, but those are TV sharks and not real sharks. TV sharks are scary, they are faster, bigger, and way more dangerous. Real sharks are mellow, super nervous, and just want to be sharks, doing what ever it is sharks do - Being cool and being sharks. 

Anyway, for the past 13 years I have been visiting schools to share with kids the sharks story; Why we need them, where they live and how important and amazing they really are. I have spoken to 1st graders, all the way up to college kids about sharks. It really does not matter the age, they all love these talks.  Not just because it gets them out of class for an hour. Well, that is probably why they really love these talks. But also because, sharks are fascinating animals and whether you love or hate sharks, they can captivate an audience.

So anyway, the dream is to personally speak to a million kids. I know over these past 13 years, I have spoken to tens of thousands of kids. I have never actually counted them all, but I know it is nowhere near a million. That will be a full time job when I commit to accomplishing that goal. Maybe, one day when I am burnt out with airports and Vera (my camera) has clicked off her last underwater pic in my hands, I will focus all my energy on achieving my goal of sharing the sharks story and accomplish that dream. Until then, I will talk to as many kids as I can, whenever that opportunity arises. And kicking off the season with 475 kids is a great start, towards a crazy, but amazing goal.

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