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Humpback Whale Expedtion - I have hit a low!

February 28, 2017 - So the last three days have been tough as hell. The weather has just kicked our asses. The wind for the last three days has been coming out of the east. Sadly all our great whale encounters have been from the east side of the island. So, needless to say we have not been able to get out there and see if we can find any humpback whales. 

We have been out looking for whales but they just have not been there. I have reached a low point emotionally with this. It is hard taking people out there to see a wild animal. It is rewarding when the magic is happening and everyone is having the time of their lives, but when it is not…it is really, really hard. We have made the most of our time. Some of us have gone diving, others have explored the beauty of this island. Don't get me wrong, everyone is having a good time, each in our own way. But WHALES are on everyone's mind.  We - need - whales. Sometimes you can want something so bad, it feels like you push it away. I have seen that happen to good friends of mine, so maybe its just my turn to have that happen? Just not sure???

(a few stills from our dive.)

So, I hit a wall today, emotionally. From January 1, it has been go-go-go and we have had to deal with a shitty winter/weather season so far. It really feels like its been one, after another. I am frustrated and feel like complete shit and just feeling terrible like I let everyone down. I know that it is the weather and I can't do a thing about that, but I still feel as if it is totally my fault, because I brought these people here. They trusted me and they came here to this place to swim with whales. It is just tough. 

I posted March 1 in the video. That was a mistake, it should be February 28. Sorry guys. I got the date wrong. 

Being away from home, for going on two weeks doesn't help. Yes, I on a beautiful tropical island, yes, I am with very cool people, but being away from my family is always a hard thing to deal with. Hoping that today finishes up to be a better day. I really need it. Sorry for the low today, but it is, what it is. Not always sun and rainbows.