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Taking my Daughter Croc Diving!

Oh the critics and there are many… all thinking I am out of my mind for taking my precious 13 year old daughter Sophia, crocodile diving. She is truly an amazing individual and an old soul. She was super nervous about swimming with crocodiles, but it didn’t take long before she was over her fears and was then trying to see how close she could safely get to the crocs. It was fun to watch, she spent a lot of time in the water, more than I dreamed she would, and told her mom upon returning from this trip that it was one of her favorites.

Yes, crocodiles are dangerous predators, but with a lot of respect and by following the rules, you can safely swim with them. And we have been running this trip for 9 years now and hopefully for another nine years after that…


Introducing people to predatory animals, like crocs is one of my most favorite things to do, and sharing a trip like this with my baby girl is beyond words. Easily one of my most favorite trips I have ever run. But enough from me, I’ll let you watch this video vlog and let her tell you herself. Hope you enjoy.