San Carlos, Baja Mexico


2019 DATES

November 3 - 9, 2019

7 day expedition / 5 days diving

November 10 - 16, 2019

7 day expedition / 5 days diving

2020 DATES

November 8 - 14, 2020

7 day expedition / 5 days diving

November 15 - 21, 2020

7 day expedition / 5 days diving

 Striped marlin off Magdalena Bay, Baja, Mexico


  • Day One - We will pick you up at the La Paz International airport (in a private vehicle). Pick up will be between 12-1PM. From there we will drive three hours to Puerto San Carlos and check you into your hotel. The rest of the evening is yours to prep cameras, relax and/or explore the town.

  • Day 2 - 6 - We will head out each morning in search of striped marlin, whales, orcas, mola molas or sharks. Everyday is different on these adventures.

  • Day 7 - We will return you to the airport. We leave San Carlos at 8AM and drive you the three hours back to La Paz. Please make your return flights after 12PM.

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This is an open ocean safari, where anything can happen. We will spend the day seeking out striped marlin feeding on baitballs, or looking for whales (grey, blue, humpback or pilot), orcas, mola molas, and /or we may decide to chum for sharks (makos, blues, silkies and / smooth hammerheads). Everyday is different out here and you never know what we will find. We will let our captains suggest the day. They are very seasoned and know these waters well. 

These are snorkel events only, in fast boats which will make it easier for us to seek out pelagic life in the open ocean.

The Pelagic Safari in Magbay is the product of a project created by Pelagic Life, to replace shark fishing with sustainable tourism. We proudly support their efforts by running expeditions here. Our trip will be based out of Puerto San Carlos, Baja MX ( located 3 1/2 hours from La Paz). Every morning we will drive from our hotel to the marina, where we will hop on our boat to spend a full day in/on the water. 

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The brydes whale we encountered on our 2017 pelagic expedition

The brydes whale we encountered on our 2017 pelagic expedition

Please keep in mind that the majority of our time will be spent searching for striped marlin chasing baitballs. But during this time we will also be on the look out for; mola molas, whales (grey, humpback, blue and brydes whales), dolphins, turtles, feeding water birds and of course, orcas. However if the action is slow, we may decide to try chumming for sharks. The types of sharks we may encounter are; makos, blues, smooth hammerheads, silkies and/or dusky sharks. 

One of the core reasons we have chosen November is because it is peak season for striped marlin. We are hoping to find them feeding on sardines. If we find a feeding event, each encounter is different; the majority of the time, we will be swimming after them as they chase the sardines. These types of encounters may last for a few seconds, or half an hour - you just never know what to expect with these fish. What we hope to find is a static baitball. Which is a baitball that does not move. These are the dream encounters and can last for hours.

November is also a good time to hopefully encounter orcas. Pod sightings are becoming more frequent. So we are headed there in the hopes of finding these amazing animals.

Baitball with striped marlin off Baja Mexico

This area of Baja has a healthy coyote population. If we are lucky we will encounter them scavenging along the coast lines. We have been extremely fortunate and have found these beauties on each of our trips out here. These wild dogs are normally shy, but if we are patient, some of them will creep out of the shadows and allow us to photograph them from a close distance. 

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Check out the photos from our 2018 expedition.

Magdalena Bay is a bird sanctuary. There are tens of thousands of birds that live here. It presents amazing photo opportunities for us.

flock of water birds Magdalena Bay Mexico

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