Churchill, Manitoba

- July 2020 -

Experience the beauty of life on the Arctic Tundra. We are headed to Churchill, Canada, in search of beluga whales, polar bears, Arctic foxes and anything else this amazing place offers us. Every summer, thousands of beluga whales visit the waters of Hudson Bay to socialize, breed and hunt. This is your opportunity to snorkel with these iconic whales. Each day, when high tide rolls in, we will head out on zodiacs in search of the huge pods of belugas. Beluga whales are highly social animals, extremely curious and when they are feeling social they will come right up to you to get a closer look.

Please note; these are snorkel only encounters in extreme conditions. 
Water Temperatures average, 46 - 50 F ( 8 - 10 C )
Land Temperatures average, 42 - 85 F ( 6 - 25 C ) 

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  • Day 1- Arrive in Churchhill. We pick you up from airport and transfer you to the lodge. The rest of the day is yours to visit the town and prep cameras.

  • Day 2 - 5; (4 days) Our Itinerary will be a repeat - Eat breakfast at the lodge, we will gear up (in our dive gear ) for our time out on and in the Churchill river and the Hudson Bay. The boats we use are rubber zodiacs. When we find some friendly whales, we will slip in and swim with the pod.

  • The rest of our day will be spent exploring the town of Churchill, enjoying the natural beauty here and hopefully encountering wildlife.

In the evening, when the night skies are clear and if the auroras are forecasted, we will leave town to photograph the Northern lights. 

Day 6; We will head out for belugas in the morning then head back to the hotel and pack and dry gear for your journey home the following morning. One last day to enjoy the natural wonders that Churchill has to offer...

Day 7: We return you to the airport for your journey home. 

A video blog from our 2016 expedition.

If you are not too exhausted from the days events. When they skies are clear, and auroras are forecasted, we will spend a few evenings seeking out the Northern lights. During this time of year, the 'Aurora borealis' streak across the sky appearing in many forms; from patches or scattered clouds of light to streamers, arcs, rippling curtains or shooting rays that light up the sky with an eerie glow. They are spectacular here, especially when we drive away from the light pollution from town.

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