Northern Bahamas

OCTOBER 19 - 25, 2019
( 7 Day Trip / 5 days Diving )

We also have room on our December
Tiger Sharks and Great Hammerhead expedition

Located, 20 nautical miles off West End, Grand Bahamas, Tiger Beach is the best place in the world for long encounter with tiger sharks in crystal clear, shallow water.  This dive site is famous for large female tiger sharks that aggregate seasonally to these waters. The tiger sharks that annually visit this area, return, year after year. In fact, we have been diving with some of the same tiger sharks for over 10 years.

Tigers are not the only sharks we see here, there is also a few resident nurse sharks, large aggregations of lemon sharks, Caribbean reef sharks and a hand full of bull sharks that visit this area. Occasionally, we also have great hammerheads stop in to say hello.

We average between 3 to five dives every day, with anywhere from - 50 to 100 sharks swimming around us...Truly, there is no place in the world like Tiger Beach. 

*Please note; Tiger Beach is not an actual beach. It is a shallow sand bank. The area we visit is called Tiger Beach. Within that area, are the dive sites we visit. The dive sites we visit are called 'Tiger Chain' and 'Fish Tales.'

two tigers.jpg

Day 1 -
 Arrival Day. The M/V Dolphin Dream, (your home for the week) is located at the Riviera City Beach Marina. You must be on board the ship before 6PM. Today we do the customs paper work and get you settled into your quarters. The crew will prepare dinner for you and departure time for the Bahamas is after 10 PM. 

Day 2 - We arrive at West End, Grand Bahamas sometime around 7AM to check in with customs. Once we clear customs, we will travel to Tiger Beach dive site. After we arrive, (normally around 1PM) we will begin our check out dives. The first dive site, we will visit is called Tiger Chain. It is 20 feet deep. This is where we will spend the rest of the day. Here we will do a two tank dive. First dive is a check out dive (gear, cameras, weights). There are always sharks present during our dives. This dive site is primarily with lemon sharks, with the possibility of encountering our first tiger sharks of the trip.  

 Day 3 - We will move locations to a dive site called Fish Tales, (40 feet deep). When we arrive, we begin chumming for tigers. We have 4 planned dives today. First dive will be a check out dive. The following three will be shark feeding dives. Depending on conditions, we may possibly do a night dive today. (Please note, you are NOT required to do every dive.)

six tiger sharks.jpg

Day 4 - 5 - We will dive everyday at Fish Tales. Each day 4 dives are planned. Every dive will be a shark feed. 

*PHOTO SET UPS - During our dives, we plan out  and help set up photo opportunities for you. We place a bait box over or near the reef to give you the best opportunity to capture those classic images of sharks swimming over the reef. 

Day 6 - Our final day of diving. Today we schedule a maximum of 3 dives. 2 morning dives, and one after lunch. We will depart back to Riviera Beach, Florida after dinner. Normally around 6PM. 

Day 7 - (Departure Day) -  We arrive back in Florida, around 6AM. We have a US customs appointment at 9AM. After we clear customs,  we will return to our marina at 9:30AM. If you are flying out of West Palm Beach International, you can make your return flights after 12 noon.
*If flying out of Miami, please make your return flights after 3pm.

Closest airport to the marina is West Palm Beach International Airport (30 minute taxi ride).  
*If you are traveling from another country you may need to fly into Miami International airport for International flights. There are trains that will take you from Miami airport to West Palm Beach airport. (Also, there are free airport shuttles from the airport to the train stations) From there you can grab a taxi to the Marina. 

We sail out of Riviera City Beach Marina. 

WATER TEMPERATURES - 77- 82 F (24 - 26 C).
LAND TEMPERATURES - 75 - 80 F (23 - 25 C).

tigers 3.jpg

We have been traveling to Tiger Beach since 2003. In fact, we were on the boat in December (2003), which was the very first time Tiger Beach was chummed to try and bring in tiger sharks. We have seen and have experienced how this area has evolved and changed through the years. From a few tigers and one or two lemon sharks visiting these dive sites, - to dozens of tigers, 30 plus lemons and 60 - 70 plus reef sharks passing through each and every year.

The number of sharks here has grown and continues to grow.  Of course all the dive boats chumming these waters (nearly) year round for the past 15 years is, of course, the main reason for this. A bonus is that the waters of the Bahamas are a protected shark sanctuary, which means, no commercial fishing for sharks.  This protection has allowed sharks to safely grow and reproduce. The results are...lots and lots of big healthy sharks off Tiger Beach. 

These are baited dives. We use chum and fish parts to attract the sharks. The reason we do is to get the tiger sharks to come in close so that everyone has an opportunity to video and photograph them. 

Safety first - Before we dive, we give everyone a safety briefing on how and where to position themselves in the water for the safest experience.

Safety is everything on these dives, so along with our safety divers, we also only bring down enough bait to offer up a small snack for the tigers, which keeps them focused on the bait box, allowing you to comfortably capture your images.

lemon shark.jpg

Through these shark feeds we have been able to document new shark behavior. From the unique semi-tonic behavior of the tiger sharks, to the extremely social and intelligent lemon sharks. We have witnessed so many amazing things with these animals. These sharks feeds have allowed us a sneak peak into their secret lives. Most is behavior which was not previously known. Every time we visit this place we learn something new and we happily share this with you on these trips. 

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